Blackmore BJP15BT Active 15" Bluetooth Cabinet with Dual Wireless Mics

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The BJP-15BT is a truly portable and amplified PA loudspeaker with integrated music player. This model boasts a rechargeable battery, a power supply capable of operating off of 12V DC and a standard AC power connection making this unit extremely versatile.It also offers integrated dual VHF wireless microphones, music player that can play mp3 files from SD cards or USB drives, Bluetooth connectivity for wireless music streaming and FM Radio. Instruments and devices can be connected via XLR, RCA Audio or Audio jack while sound can be fine tuned via its built in 5 band graphic Equalizer.


• 3 power modes: AC plug, Rechargeable Battery, 12V DC
• Dual Wireless VHF Microphones included and integrated
• Music Player with SD Card and USB inputs
• Bluetooth Connectivity
• FM Radio
• 5 band graphic EQ
 • Wireless remote control
• 15 Subwoofer, titanium dome tweeter, 2250W
• Weight: 37 lbs
• Dimensions 18 X 13 X 26
• Power supply: 12vDC or AC 110-240V 50/60 Hz