Blackmore 8 Channel Powered Mixer, Mics, 15" Cabinets & Stands Pack

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The BJS-160BT is a complete PA Speaker and Amplifier package with Dual speaker monitors,stands and a built in MP3 player with SD/MMC card and USB inputs and Bluetooth Connectivity. The amplifier/mixer module consists of a 4 channel audio inputs. Input connections include 4 XLR connections, 4 Audio jack connections, and 2 pair of RCA stereo connections. Each channel includes individual gain, Bass, Treble and echo effect control . Master echo effect, Bass Treble and gain controls are also present. Signal outputs include a audio jack and pair of RCA stereo connections. The speakers each consist of a 15 ported Sub woofer and 1.5 tweeter driver behind a molded horn to produce a total of 5000W Max output.


• Complete PA system
• Built in MP3 player
• Dual 15 speakers with included Stands
• Bluetooth Connectivity
 • 5000W peak power
• Wired Microphones included
• Remote control
• Cables included