M&M 0996 World's Smallest Remote Control Helicopter

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World's Smallest R/C Helicopter


• Ready to fly out of the box
• Great for indoor fun
• Gyroscope System for stability & precision flight
 • Trim control to make quick adjustments
• Great for beginners and hobbyists alike
• 4 AA batteries (not included)


For R/C Airplane, Helicopter and Flying Toys: The product warranty does not cover accidental or collision damage. Because some flying toys require adjusting/balancing, please always fully read the instruction manual before operating. Seller will not be held liable for any personal injury or property damage resulting from an out-of –control model caused by use or misuse of the product. Enjoy but safely!

Battery Charging Instruction: Only charge the battery 4-5 hours with the supplies AC adapter that comes with the toys. All R/C toys are to be charged no more than 4-5 hours. Overnight and over charging the battery will damage the battery cells permanently and void the warranty. Only charge the battery on non-flammable surfaces. Please read all safety instructions that come with the toy. Never charge the battery unattended.