Omega LINKR-LT1 Smartphone Control And Vehicle Tracking System

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Omega LINKR-LT1 is a smartphone vehicle control & tracking interface.


• Alarm trigger alert
• Lock your vehicle
• Unlock your vehicle
• Remote start/stop (optional remote start required)
• Run time extender command
• Trunk release
• Control multiple devices from one app
• Locate on demand
 • Compatible with Android and iOS
• Supports multiple Linkr-LT1 devices (virtually no limit)
• Choose custom images & names for each device
• Installer setup & test is done directly from the App. PC not required.
• 1 trigger input (alarm alert)
• Dedicated data port interface for any 70 series Excalibur system (requires v1.4 firmware or higher) - Uses iDatalink protocol
• Plugs into any OmegaLink data start kit
• Compatible with OmegaEVO, Fortin, Directed data starts, ADS/iDatalink data starts, Compustar, & more!