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Polaroid 24 AA and 12 AAA Super Alkaline Batteries (Pack of 36)

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Model: 12043

List $7.96
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Polaroid 24 AA and 12 AAA Super Alkaline battery (36 Mix Pack)

• 24 AA batteries
• 12 AAA batteries
• Manufactured to prevent corrosion with a zinc composition resulting in a 7-year shelf life
 • Designed to provide reliable and lasting performance for all household and standard everyday devices
• Works great in items that are considered mid to low drain standard devices. Items such as wall clocks, radios, smoke detectors and remote controls
• Perfect as back-up batteries for alarm clocks, emergency lights, keyboards and mouse

Do not store batteries in a refrigerator or freezer. Batteries should be stored at room temperature (i.e. 70F/21C) in a dry location. Batteries are best stored in the original package where there is no chance of the positive and negative ends touching each other or the mixing of sizes. Alkaline batteries have a long shelf life and can be stored up to 7 years. Do not attempt to recharge
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To order this item, you need to apply!
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